Insights: Movement As Nutrition


What do we mean by “movement as nutrition”? And why is it important that we are moving our bodies enough in our daily life? Find out as I dive into this concept in today’s Insights.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The concept of movement as nutrition

  • Ancestral movement

  • The value of structured exercise and why it isn’t enough

  • What the mix of structured exercise and daily life movement looks like for me

  • Some ideas on how to make your environment more efficient and more conducive to movement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Part of nutrition is movement.

  • Movement nourishes the body in the same way that food does.

  • If you do an hour of exercise at any point during the day but you’re relatively sedentary for the rest of that day, you are, in fact, only 4% less sedentary than the person that does absolutely nothing.

  • An hour of exercise is not without value, but it isn’t really what we’re trying to achieve.

  • Structured exercise does have a big value – it’s building strength, it’s building muscle, it’s burning fat, it’s making you feel really good above anything else, it’s social if it’s a team sport, it’s helping generate freshly oxygenated blood around the body, creating lots of happy hormones – but it’s not what life is really about. Life is much more about daily life movement.

  • In the same way that food enriches the blood, the blood enriches the body. And we need to move to enrich our body in that way.

  • Movement is an extremely energizing thing to do.

Action Steps:

  • Think about these: How much daily life movement are you bringing into your life? How much nutrition are you getting from movement?

  • Don’t be sedentary. Move your body as much as possible in your daily life.

  • Opt for a standing workstation or invest in a laptop table, a concertina table that you can put on your table to make it into a standing desk.

  • Make your environment more efficient and more conducive to movement.

Leanne said:

“Movement should be a very basic thing you do. Think back to caveman times and the patterns of movement that they would have undergone and see how that matches up to your life.”

“Movement is absolutely crucial. That’s what keeps us healthy. It preserves our mental health because of the hormones that are generated by movement. It innervates the muscles with freshly oxygenated blood rich with nutrients.”

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