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This episode is related to Dr. Kenneth Pelletier’s book called “Change Your Genes, Change Your Life: Creating Optimal Health with the New Science of Epigenetics.” He talked about how behavior actually has more of an impact on the overall health results than genes potentially can have. His example was Angelina Jolie.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Angelina Jolie, her mother, and grandmother had the BRCA gene.
  • What do DNA and genetic testing do?
  • The impact that the environment has on your genetic expression.
  • Things that you can control.
  • Healthspan or lifespan.

Key Takeaways:

  • The lifestyle choices Angelina Jolie makes, the way she lives her life would have a stronger bearing on her likelihood of getting breast cancer.
  • DNA testing. We can now test for ancestry, disease predisposition; we can test for diet and nutrition. You can discover all sorts of aspects of your genes.
  • The impact that the environment has on your genetic expression is huge.
  • You can literally eat your way into good health or eat your way into an early coffin.
  • Sauna is another way that you can change gene expression – how much you move, how sedentary you are, where you live.
  • How well you manage your stress (or how you don’t manage your stress) will have a strong bearing on gene expression.

Action Steps:

  • DNA testing is worth doing.
  • Control those things that you can control.

Leanne said:

“How you choose to live your life, the environment you are in, the environment you surround yourself in at work at home, how you manage your stress, how you move, your exposure to different sources of lights, the food that you eat… all of this stuff is going to have a huge bearing on your ultimate health span as well as your lifespan.”

“Healthspan, that is more important really, is living that long and fulfilling life in good health, able to walk, write, speak, perform basic and private functions for yourself without assistance. That is more important than living a long life.”

“Do I think that DNA testing is worth doing? Absolutely, I’ve done it. I recommend it to anyone I know. It’s part of our business. It takes away the guesswork from your health. It can give you quite a lot of answers that can help you make better decisions for yourself. It helps you understand where to focus your effort.”

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