How to understand the effect your lifestyle has on your genes with cutting-edge science and tech start-up Chronomics


Our genes are largely determined from birth, but your epigenetics can change dynamically depending on the environment and the lifestyle that you lead. Epigenetics (the study of things that can alter your genes, such as smoking, pollution, diet and exercise) can be measured using a simple saliva test, and that’s exactly the service that the boffins at Chronomics have created. By measuring these epigenetic marks, you are able to better understand your biology, monitor it and improve it to reach your maximum potential. In this episode, also released on our Facebook page as a Live recording, we discuss what affects epigenetics; how we can measure the changes; why you would want to do it and how it benefits you, and what’s next for this exciting new company operating at the intersection of science and technology.

Links to things we discuss in the show:

Chronomics website

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Bodyshot Performance Limited Facebook page

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