How to Take Care of Your Mitochondria for Optimal Health, Energy & Performance with Matt Maruca: Part 1

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What is mitochondria and what do they do? Matt Maruca shares his knowledge on the subject and how we can take care of our mitochondria to optimize our health.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Matt’s mission and purpose
  • The pivotal point in Matt’s life
  • The importance of mitochondria and its function
  • Proton gradients and respiratory proteins

Key Takeaways:

  • When we start to put basically more energy and a lot of mitochondrial density into our muscles, this is diverting energy that would otherwise be more concentrated in the places where it’s most important, the brain and the heart.
  • Mitochondria are the engines in our cells that convert potential energy into kinetic energy, which is energy in motion that we can use to carry out tasks.
  • Life requires energy. When we are living, what’s really happening is we are catalysing reactions in nature that afford us energy. And even when we are not completely still, at the cellular level, there’s tremendous amounts of motion.
  • The reason why some people die of blood loss is not just because they lost blood but because they no longer have the blood supplying oxygen to the mitochondria.

Matt said:

“My purpose is to basically create a life of happiness and joy for myself. And my theory… was that if I am not able to successfully find the recipe for my own life then the only thing that I’ll be bringing to others is my own misery and lack of happiness.”

“Mitochondria are the transistors of human life… of all complex life on earth. They take what is possible outside of us and turn it into sort of a dance of what we really are.”

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