How to Shine Offline: How to Use Tech to Enhance Your Life and Avoid Overwhelm, Distraction, and Exhaustion with Laura Willis

Laura Willis

Is being constantly online starting to burn you out? How is technology impacting your life and your relationships? Laura Willis talks about the downside of being hyper-connected and how we can have a healthy relationship with our smartphones and other devices.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Laura’s story and what Shine Offline is all about

  • The different things that drive burnout

  • How much technology contributes to burnout

  • How you can start to put boundaries on your use of technology

  • The impact of overusing technology

  • 3 benefits of implementing boundaries around technology

Key Takeaways:

  • Most of us have a slightly unhealthy or dysfunctional relationship with our mobile phones, and it’s affecting our sleep, it’s affecting our mental health, it’s affecting the relationships we have with other people, as well as our relationship with ourselves when we’re often engrossed in whatever is on our mobile device.

  • The predominant reason for burnout is connectivity and the fact that people simply cannot get away from work.

  • There is now a culture of being available and being accessible all the time through email, and because it’s never been spoken about and because of the speed at which this technology has developed and become so intrinsic in our working lives, people are too busy to stop and reflect on the negative impact that it’s having on our lives.

Action Steps:

  • Practice mindfulness.

  • Take a proper break at work.

  • Set boundaries in place on your smartphone use and use of other devices.

Laura said:

“Businesses are starting to recognise that because we use technology for our work and we carry it with us all of the time and people really can’t disconnect from the office the way we did back in the day, the businesses need to take responsibility for this.”

“Bring a bit of curiosity to your relationship with [your phone]… because we as human beings, we’re not made to deal with the amount of connectivity and information that we have to process now, and that’s a fact.”

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