How to Mimic Nature in an Unnatural World & Optimise Your Health

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What are some of the ways that we can optimise our health while living in an unnatural world? Mr. Health Optimisation, Tim Gray, talks about using technology to mimic the natural environment and some of the best biohacks for busy professionals.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Biohacking and some of the best biohacks for busy professionals
  • Using technology to mimic the natural environment
  • Grounding
  • The negative effect of blue light and what you can do about it
  • Getting back to the basics of health optimisation
  • Metabolomics
  • The benefits of red light therapy
  • Tips for jet lag
  • Metabolic flexibility

Key Takeaways:

  • Biohacking is the use of science, technology, and nature to optimise your health. It has increased in size and reach, and turning a lot of heads in lots of industries because it’s quantifiable.
  • Biohacking is about using your common sense of going, ‘Here’s the stuff I’m doing and here’s how I feel and here’s the data that backs it up,’ and saying, ‘Well, actually, what other areas should I test subjectively? And then see what I can quantify through data?’
  • Grounding or connecting with the earth is apparently a great antioxidant and good for sleep.
  • Red light therapy is brilliant for healing.
  • Metabolomics is the future health care. It’s looking at the body at the cellular level and seeing what your cells are deficient of.
  • Hydration, sleep, and sunlight are really the three key things to health optimisation, plus metabolic flexibility.

Action Steps:

  • Get to the basics of optimising your health.
  • Look at your genetics and see if there’s anything in the MTHFR specifically that needs optimising.
  • Make sure that your hydration is correct. Have the proper mineralised water and the right minerals.
  • Make sure your nutrition is correct. Eat organic, naturally-grown foods.
  • Optimise your sleep by making sure that your light exposure is correct. Get natural light during the day and minimise blue light exposure by wearing blue light blocking glasses in the evening
  • Take responsibility for your own health. Focus on the basics before you even think about buying any new technology.
  • Personalise your diet.

Tim said:

“Biohack is a quirky term for health optimisation, and it’s about using your environment, supplements, or whatever necessary to optimise your health, and often through tracking it through data as well so you can quantify what you’re actually doing.”

“My number one biohack is sleep optimisation… [Without proper sleep], your body doesn’t heal, your brain doesn’t work correctly, you don’t have the energy.”

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