Thrive in Five: How To Energise Yourself

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This Week’s Thrive In Five Is About How To Energise Yourself. 

We all suffer low energy at points, here’s some tips on how to energise yourself throughout the day, quick simple and easy to do in 5 minutes or less.​​

The 5 minute energiser

What I’ll do is at a particular point in the day, usually the middle of the day, I’ll do an energiser. Sometimes we use a tabata, which is a four minute exercise routine. You do 20 seconds of exercise, ten second rest. And you repeat that or cycle eight times, which gets you to a total of four minutes.

In that 20 seconds, you could do squats, you could do star jumps, burpees, or just getting up and down from a chair. It can be anything you like, just something to get that fresh oxygenated blood moving through the body the brain. To innovate and energise the body. 

​​You could also try energising breath work

So perhaps 30 rapid inhalations and exhalations. Be careful that you might feel a bit dizzy doing this breath work. 

​​Another great way to energise yourself is using the two minute power pose that I’ve talked about before. There are so many option on ways you can energise yourself, so pick a spot in the middle of the day, and try something new to energise you, and get you up on your feet. 

​​If you’re able to and moving around a little bit, it’s not exercise it’s movement, but can be incredibly energising. It could be helpful to put the energiser in your diary. So you have those five minutes maximum locked in just before lunch or just after lunch to give you that boost you might need.

What will be your 5 minute energiser today? As always give it a go and let us know how you get on!

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