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This week’s blog is based on a conversation I heard on a podcast with a boxer, and the boxer was talking about how he stays ready to ensure that he doesn’t have to get ready. In other words, he stays at a pretty good level of fitness and wellbeing – so when he gets the call for the fight, he’s ready.

I try to do the same thing, I maintain a certain level of health, fitness and wellbeing. A certain level of sleep every night, good mental health, and making sure I’m staying energised – this means that I’m resilient. Whenever life throws me a curve ball, which inevitably it can do, I’m not blindsided by it and I’m ready for it – with my health, fitness and wellbeing routines it means I can cope with that.

The takeaway from this blog is to start to think about how your own resilience is based.

Do you have that foundation of physical fitness, emotional fitness, and mental fitness?

Do you get blindsided by the things that life throws at us? If you do, then I’d suggest physical and emotional fitness are the places to start.

For physical fitness look at your sleep, your mental health, your energy, and look at how much you’re moving, look at how much structured exercise you’re doing and try to increase it. From an emotional perspective, when you are sleeping well, when you have got good mental health, it changes the way that you respond emotionally, it gives you a little bit more control of your feelings. It doesn’t mean you don’t express yourself emotionally, but you’re a bit more in control or less likely to be thrown off course.

I think those areas are key to what resilience is really all about, and a lot of it comes down to our own fitness in a very, very broad sense.

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