How investing in yourself can make you more successful


This week I want to talk to you about the principle or the concept of successful people invest. In the six plus years that I’ve been in this industry and from my own personal experience, I have seen this time and time again. When you invest in something, it gives you a much greater likelihood of success. That investment could be your thoughts, so thinking and preparation – the stages of change model, that’s really your pre-contemplation and your contemplation phase. It could also be emotion, your actual time, and of course, cash. I think when you start to invest more and more in those different areas, you’re far more likely to become successful.

In our business, we like to work with people for whom our fee is a bit of a stretch. It’s not an easy, “Yeah, no problem, that’s no sum of money at all to me,” because we need you to be a bit more invested than that. We need the money to be a little bit of a, “Mmm, I’ve got to think about this. Yeah, okay, let’s do it.” We also want to give proper thought when going through those stages of change – pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation/research, action, and then maintenance. We want you to have really thought about this.

We want some emotional energy and for you to be really clear on your goals. Are you doing this because you’ve got a real anxiety about your future health? Are you doing this because you’re worried about your health span? Are you doing this because you want energy to keep up with your kids? Energy to fulfil your other goals? Energy to put into your career and your relationships? So, it’s really important to invest.

In my life I’ve invested in coaches for lots of things; a tennis coach, a public speaking coach, a business coach, that’s just a handful of them. And every time I’ve done that, I’ve got much greater results than I have when I’ve tried to do it without. It’s extremely important to get the guidance and support of someone who can help you, hold you accountable, hold a mirror up to you, push away your excuses, and really challenge you.

I’ve had a personal trainer for 13 years now, twice a week and week-in week-out, because I know that it takes away all of the excuses, it takes away the internal monologue, “Oh, I could go tomorrow. I could always go in the morning. I could always do it tomorrow afternoon.” Before you know it, you may not have done anything. To avoid this, I book in twice a week – I know that someone else is going to push me harder than I push myself, because we do let ourselves off the hook no matter how determined we are.

Have a think about that principle: successful people invest – your time, your thoughts, your money, and of course your energy (your emotional energy in particular). Think about what you have put into your goals this year – have you invested enough to make sure that these things are a success?

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