Podcast: Heartfulness, what is it and Why is it good for your wellbeing?

Heartfulness - heart shaped blossom on tree

How can you improve your mental health and overall wellbeing? Listen in as I share about this thing called heartfulness and why it’s good for you.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:


The two sides of heartfulness

Examples of heartfulness

Key Takeaways:

Heartfulness is twofold. One side of it is connecting or reconnecting with yourself by reconnecting with a certain hobby or passion that you used to enjoy and making some time for it. The other side of it is taking you out of self and doing something for something bigger than you.

Dopamine and oxytocin are very important neurotransmitters for mental wellbeing. If you can help generate dopamine through an activity that you find rewarding, that can make you feel great. And it triggers a certain part of the brain that makes you want to repeat those behaviours.

You get doses of oxytocin when you’re helping others and connecting. It’s not necessarily a physical connection. It can be emotional or intellectual.

What do you love that you’re not doing at the moment? What lights you up? Go and pursue that.

Action Steps:

Make time for a hobby or passion that you used to enjoy and something that really lights you up.

Consider volunteering your time for a charity.

More so now than ever, think about what kind of heartfulness is in your life. Think about who you can help, who else you can serve.

Leanne said:

“When we hit our target, every month, we donate money to a charity. And that’s an essential part of our purpose. It’s not just a revenue-generating business. Far from it. Our purpose is to create happy, healthy, and resilient teams. When we do hit [our] target, then we make sure we give back.”

“What do you love that you’re not doing at the moment? What lights you up? What radiates heat and energy within the body? It could be something you used to love, or it could be something you’ve always wanted to try or get into, and go and pursue that.”

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