Heart Health Month: Week 2

National Heart Week 2: Being Out In Nature & Taking In Phytoncides. BodyShot Performance

Four Top Tips For A Healthy Heart: Part 2

It’s week two of National Heart Health Month, last week I shared tip one, which was about box breathing to reduce your resting heart rate. Now it’s time for our second tip! This time, it’s about walking in nature – specifically being out amongst trees and leaves.

Nature’s Medicine

You may have heard me talk about phytoncides before; leaves produce chemicals called phytoncides to protect the tree from disease. Interestingly, scientists have found that phytoncides are also highly beneficial to us; breathing in these essential oils will help to improve our immune system and heart health. This act of ‘forest bathing’ or ‘nature therapy‘ has also been proven to reduce stress and increase energy levels.

Time With Trees

So, for week two, I want to encourage you to get out into nature and spend some time with trees. It could be in your garden, a local park or woods, or a forest or mountainous area, just get out there and start consuming. It could be a walk, hike, jog, or even just sitting – it doesn’t matter; when surrounded by nature, you will be taking in phytoncides. It’s not something you will feel yourself doing, so you may not know you even doing it. You will, however, feel the positive effect it has on your heart.

Consistency is key

Like most things, you really need to do this consistently in order to get the benefit. Every morning I walk my dog in the park or woods, and every few weeks we venture a bit further out to somewhere more remote.

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