Getting Into Your Discomfort Zone for Confidence, Energy and Resilience

Arctic Circle Race 2019

Insights: Getting Into Your Discomfort Zone for Confidence, Energy and Resilience

Have you ever tried getting out of your comfort zone and into your discomfort zone? Find out how doing so can benefit you as you aim to become a better version of yourself.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

• Getting into your discomfort zone to build resilience, to build strength, to get more energy, and to get inspired

• Cross-country skiing and the Arctic Circle Race

• Some of the ways that you can take yourself into your discomfort zone

Key Takeaways:

• It’s important to do something not necessarily fearful but something that you are apprehensive about, something that takes you into your discomfort zone, and something that challenges you.

• You need to stretch yourself in order to grow and develop, but it needs to be the right type of challenge at the right time. If you think about muscular training, we put our muscles under stress in order to get a positive outcome at the end, in order to grow and develop the strength and the fibres of that muscle.

• Spiritually, we grow, we develop, we get more energised, we get more resilient and become stronger, happier people when we grow and test ourselves. Otherwise, we stale and we stagnate.

• The benefits aren’t just strength, energy and resilience, but also the hormone response that we get from doing things like that.

Action Steps:

• Think of ways that you can take yourself into your discomfort zone and go.

• Find a challenge. Find something that inspires and motivates you but also gives you a little bit of fear and go for it. Make a commitment and then broadcast that commitment so you can be held accountable, and go for it.

Leanne said:

“Whatever it is for you, to get yourself out of what I call the velvet rut, which is things are pretty nice, they’re pretty comfortable, it’s quite warm and cozy but it’s a rut nonetheless, is find a challenge.”

“It’s just such a good thing to do, to challenge yourself. If you’re not growing, you’re essentially dying; you’re moving backwards. We need to do these things to push ourselves… in order to develop as human beings.”

Thanks for listening!

Have a think about what your challenge can be and share it with me! Share your ideas and let us know what you’re up to!

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