Getting Into Your Animal Flow and How to Optimise Your Fitness with Richard Scrivener


Have you ever heard of the exercise and movement pattern called animal flow? Learn about it from personal training coach and educator Richard Scrivener as he talks about not only animal flow but also how you can optimise your fitness.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What is copeira?

  • What is fitness, and is it purely a physical thing?

  • How can you cycle your training and build in recovery?

  • How can you tune in to your body and monitor where your body is at?

  • What does it mean to train intelligently?

  • What are some of the common mistakes that people make when it comes to working out and how can we counter them?

  • What is animal flow?

Key Takeaways:

  • Capoeira is a blend of martial arts, dance, and gymnastics. It has been described as a conversation with movement, meaning that somebody asks you a question with a movement and then you respond with your movement and it goes back and forth.”

  • When you play copeira, there is not one position or one movement that your body will not be asked to go into, so you learn all the base movements and then you play with an opponent.

  • Whatever it is you’re trying to train to do as a movement or an exercise, your body first has to be able to access the shape required for it.

  • Whatever our fitness challenges may be, it starts with the need and the ability to be able to control our body and have ownership over our vessel so that we can get it to move in the way we want to.

  • Research shows that if you push your body to fatigue in a workout session, the next session is negatively affected such that you’re not going to get the results that you would if you had just backed off a little bit in the previous workout.

  • The best way to monitor where your body is at is how you feel in terms of your energy and motivation to want to go to the gym.

  • Animal flow is about reconnecting to your body but through the ground. As the name suggests, it is about using animal-based movements or primal movements.

Action Steps:

  • If you’re interested in health and fitness, you’ve got to get a coach — somebody that can help you navigate your way through the type of fitness that you want to start doing and achieve your goals.

  • Stand back and look at the context of your life, and understand that your body is under an overall stress load. Appraise your stress load and make sure that you’ve got the right amount of stimulus and volume load through the intensity of your workout and the amount of work that you’re doing and the ability to back off.

  • Train intelligently. Listen to what your body is telling you when you’re working out. Don’t push through injuries or sore joints. Learn from how your body first responds when you walk into the gym and how energized and how ready-to-go you feel.

  • Have a good solid warm-up before you work out.

  • Give animal flow a go.

Richard said:

“It’s commendable that people want to try new challenges or, if they haven’t been active for a while, get back into the gym. But if you push yourself too hard and you’re not moving correctly… for the most part, that can end up being a negative experience…”

“Fitness is about having a toolbox and your ability to go into a situation where there’s a physical challenge or a physical demand, open your toolbox and be able to access what you need.”

Thanks for listening!

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