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Why should you pay more attention to getting variety in your diet?

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

Why it’s important to get more variety in your diet.

How to increase the variety in your diet.

Key Takeaways:

Variety in our diet in the sense of the different types of food we eat, the different macro and micronutrients, the different tastes and textures, etc. is very important.

A study shows that 70% of the food that we eat comes from 12 plant sources and 5 different animal sources. This means we’re eating a very restricted range of foods.

When you get more variety in your diet, you not only optimise your gut health but you also get the right nutrients into your body.

Action Steps:

Get more variety into your diet:

Try new recipes.

Make smoothies.

Try something new every day, be it a new ingredient, a new meal, or going for something slightly different from what you normally have at the cafe, and build from there.

Leanne said:

“Looking after the bacteria within our gut, introducing new strains and feeding the existing strains, which is essentially pre and probiotics, is important as is having good diversity of microbes. And this is where eating a varied diet really matters.”

“We tend to have the same sort of food. We have our favourites and we have our recipes that we lean on. If you can try and just explore new dishes and new ingredients, it’s great for the gut.”

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