F*ck your feelings: change your physiology to optimise your performance with coach and author Ryan Munsey

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Author of F*ck Your Feelings, Ryan Munsey is also a co-founder and podcast host at The Better Human Project. A high performance consultant, writer, and speaker, Ryan has worked as a fitness model, nutritionist, gym owner, and corporate wellness consultant. His clients include Olympic athletes, special forces operators, entrepreneurs, and C-level executives from around the world. I invited Ryan onto the show as I’ve just finished reading his new book and loved it.

In this episode, we talk about how you can change your physiology to improve your vagal tone (or HRV), with the ultimate aim of developing emotional resiliency. Ryan’s belief is that our physiology affects our thoughts, which affect our emotions and therefore our feelings. By changing our physiology, we can change our feelings. We also talk about the influence that gut health has on our thoughts and feelings, and how operating in your discomfort zone can increase resiliency and drive better performance.

This was really fun to record, and I hope you enjoy it to. Links to everything below, and let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Enjoy!

Links to things we discuss in the show:

F&ck Your Feelings BOOK (Amazon) or http://ryanmunsey.com/home/book

Ryan’s personal website

Better Human Project website

Joov light

Goat Milk Kefir

Ryan’s podcast Better Human Project

Instagram – @ryanmunsey_

Instagram – @betterhumanproject.org_

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Six Signals® eLearning Course: health, fitness and wellbeing for busy professionals

Bodyshot Performance website

Bodyshot Performance Limited Facebook page

Remove the Guesswork BOOK by Leanne Spencer

Rise and Shine BOOK by Leanne Spencer


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