Podcast: Ways to Energise Yourself During the Work Day

Movement snacking man handstanding and woman in yoga pose in the office

How can you get more energy throughout the day and avoid the mid-afternoon slump? In this episode we talk about things you can do to improve your energy with “movement snacking”.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

Why you should take micro-breaks

Examples of movement snacks

Building in micro workouts throughout your day

What you can do to avoid sitting for longer than 55 minutes while working

Key Takeaways:

No organisation in the world doesn’t want refreshed, focused, creative, productive people. And the best way to do that is to have micro-breaks.

A movement snack can give you a lot more lasting and slower-release energy.

The person that does an hour of exercise in their day and sits down in an office for the rest of the day is only 4% less sedentary than the person who does no exercise at all.

Action Steps:

Design your day with movement snacks built-in. You can set an alarm to move every hour or every 55 minutes and dedicate 5 minutes to take a movement snack.

If you’re a more experienced exerciser, you could think about building in micro workouts into your day.

Avoid sitting for longer than 55 minutes. Do what you can to not be in a seated position for the majority of those 55 minutes of each hour.

Leanne said:

“In the same way that you might go to the fridge, pick something up, unwrap it, eat it and come back upstairs, you could take a movement snack.”

“We were designed to do patterns of ancestral movement. We were designed to do lots of daily life movement throughout the day, to be on our feet… We were not designed to sit for long periods.”

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