Thrive In Five: Energiser Movement Snack

energiser movement snack woman jumping in the air

This Week’s Thrive In Five is our final energiser for the Movement Snack Month Challenge.

This week our health coach Liz shares a tip in under five minutes for something that you can adopt in under five minutes, quick and easy. This month we’ve been sharing energisers or movement snacks you can build into your day.

Connecting your mind with your body

Today’s energiser is designed to get you out of your head quickly, connect your mind with your body. You use breath and movement to help you feel energised, which works very quickly.

Last time Liz showed you something that was based on Qigong twist, and she follows on with that theme with something else based on the energy in your body. Some call it Qi or Chi, or maybe blood flow, electricity, neutrons, protons, all of the above.

Shake it out

Today’s energiser starts with shaking, so you can bend your knees, jump up and down and shake. So by jumping up and down, you’re getting your joints activated, getting some blood flow. Using that connective tissue, plus shaking is meant to help release stress. It gets energy around your body, flowing through the Meridian lines on your body. Once they’re activated, they get energised and send good energy around the body.

If it all sounds nuts, just think of it as a dance

Dancing we all know is good for you, emotionally and physically. So just shake it out, jump up and down. Get everyone in the office doing that, joining in next time you see them. So following on from this once you’ve shaken out a little bit and feel a bit de-stressed. We want you to twist. So you’re going to twist and touch the opposite foot, and then jump, and touch the other foot.

Benefits of jumping and twisting

This is a simple way to energise. Jumping helps to lighten the mood, get your body feeling agile. Jumping gets your blood rushing and the oxygen going. Twisting is great it gets the spine, gets the vertebrae, gets some movement and you get some blood flow there as well. So get silly, give them a bash. As always have fun and let us know how you get on.

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