Podcast: How to Energise Your Zoom Meetings

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Are you facing challenges when doing meetings online?

Whether you’re running the meetings or you’re joining the meetings, here are some of the things you can do to make them more energised.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

The things you can do to energise your online meetings

How to kick off your meetings with energisers

The way to ensure speakers are brief and to the point

Key Takeaways:

Most meetings are set at a default of one hour, but a lot of meetings can actually be done in half that time.

Opening up a meeting with a highlight and talking about something positive can lift people’s energy.

Zoom meetings can be really quite intensive in terms of our energies and we’re constantly being subjected to blue light that’s emitted from the screen. Overexposure to blue light at the wrong times of day suppresses melatonin, which impacts our sleep.

Action Steps:

Energise your online meetings:

Think about the time frame of the online meeting and try to get it into a short space of time as you can without degrading productivity.

Kick off with an energiser.

Open up a meeting with a highlight.

Close the meeting by asking if anyone needs help or support.

Have your meetings standing.

Give the people in your meeting the permission to walk around.

Request everybody who’s speaking in the meeting to stand on one leg to make sure that they will be brief and to the point.

Be careful of the amount of screentime that you’re getting particularly in the latter part of the day and certainly in the evening.

Vary the location of your meeting. You can go to a different room or have the meeting in the garden.

Leanne said:

“It’s really good discipline to have people not only exercise brevity but also make sure they’ve prepared and they’re to the point.

“It’s much easier to keep a meeting short and to the point when people are standing up because it’s so long that they’ll move from one hip to the other.”

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