World Health Day: Eating More Plants

Eating more plants for World Health Day by Bodyshot Performance.

It’s the final part in our series centred around World Health Day. We’ve talked about movement, we’ve talked about connection, we’ve talked about hydration. This week is about eating more plants – and you don’t have to go vegetarian to do this!

Five Reasons For Eating More Plants

I want to share some rather compelling numbers to encourage you to think more about your daily diet. In 2017, a study by the Imperial College of London found that an increase in your daily vegetable intake has major health benefits. Participants were given an extra two and a half portions per day to have on top of what they ate usually. The research showed that eating more plants can reduce risk of the following:

  • Heart disease by 16%
  • Stroke by 18%
  • Cardiovascular disease by 13%
  • Cancer by 4%
  • Premature death by 15%

“We wanted to investigate how much fruit and vegetables you need to eat to gain the maximum protection against disease, and premature death. Our results suggest that although five portions of fruit and vegetables is good, ten a day is even better.”

– Dr Dagfinn Aune, Study author

More Than Five A Day

The health benefits from eating more than five a day are truly extraordinary, but it’s up to you how to do it. The idea of having more vegetables on your plate can feel overwhelming. One tip for how you can get more plants into your diet easily is to blend them into a smoothie. For example, I use spinach or kale in my daily smoothie, which also helps to ensure I am getting enough leafy greens into my diet. You can add other nutrient-rich ingredients such as protein powder, frozen fruit, and plant-based fats like nuts and avocado.

Get More Goodness

Eating more plants can be a life changing move for you. It not only improves our health, but it also makes us feel more energised to take on the day. So, what will you do to get more goodness into your day?

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