Eating for hormonal balance with Ximena de la Serna


Ximena de la Serna is a nutritional therapist who specialises in women’s health. At age 13 she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which despite its name has very little to do with cysts or ovaries, but is actually a metabolic condition caused by elevated insulin levels and testosterone. Ximena accepted the doctor’s recommendations, which included the birth control pill, but once she started training as a nutritional therapist, she began to question the traditional method of treatment, and took herself off the pill and changed her diet. Within just two weeks she’d noticed a significant change in how she felt, and by 6 months was symptom-free.

Ximena now specialises in helping women overcome PCOS and other hormone-related conditions using food and diet, specifically high fat low carb. If you suffer from metabolic conditions, PCOS or have issues with hormone balance and menstrual cycles, this will be a very interesting episode for you. As always, send your questions to or contact Ximena via Instagram or her website below. Enjoy the show!

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