Discussing Fitness, Recovery, Healthspan and more with Psycle Instructor and Life Coach Sarah Elliott


How can you effectively coach someone? Psycle instructor Sarah Elliot does it by combining life coaching with the aspect of physical movement. In this episode, she shares her relationship with health, fitness, and wellbeing and how she balances fitness with recovery.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Making the transition from the corporate world to the health and fitness industry
  • Becoming a life coach and the value it brings
  • How switching careers changed Sarah’s wellbeing
  • Combining life coaching with the physical movement aspect
  • Psycle and why it’s becoming more popular
  • Recovery

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s important for anyone working in the field of therapy, counseling, or coaching to have their own coach, someone they can speak candidly to. Coaches play such a valuable role and serve such a unique purpose
  • Every good personal trainer or fitness coach, or any coach for that matter, is on that journey of constantly evolving.
  • The blueprint that Pscyle teaches is very strategic in how to motivate and when to motivate. There’s so much that goes behind the psychological element.
  • Recovery is pre- and post-workout. It’s what helps facilitate and make the workout more effective, and it’s also the mental aspect.
  • It’s about healthspan, not lifespan. It’s about the longevity of healthspan and living a useful, happy life.

Action Steps:

  • If you’re a fitness instructor, do something for yourself outside of teaching.
  • Try Psycle.
  • Make sleep one of your non-negotiables.

Sarah said:

“Those of us that work in this industry, we are advocates, we are paving the way, we are leading by example.”

“It’s important to be moving the body, yes, but in a sustainable way.”

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