Culture is Everything: Creating an Amazing Company Culture with Author Tristan White


How does culture in the business impact the wellbeing and performance of its people? Tristan White, founder and CEO of The Physio Co, talks about how he realised the importance of culture and running a values-based business and what they did to turn things around and make impactful changes around culture in their company.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Starting the business and discovering the importance of culture
  • The difference between culture by default and culture by design
  • Using core values as a foundation of a strong culture
  • How team members and clients respond to a better and more effective culture
  • Defining and developing the culture at The Physio Co
  • The meaning of work-life blend
  • Tristan’s thoughts on happiness and wellbeing
  • What people can do to improve the culture of their team
  • Tristan’s 10-year vision

Key Takeaways:

  • Just like many other things in a team or business, culture can be systemised. There are some key foundations of a culture that can be put in place.
  • Some important parts of culture is a really compelling core purpose or a WHY, a set of core values, which really are behaviours we expect in this business, and a really clear vision as to where the business is headed.
  • When team members are clear on those parts of a culture, they are empowered to have the freedom to exist within those boundaries but they understand what to expect of them and how they can contribute to the team, to the culture, and to the business.
  • It’s important to realise that a strong culture typically has its own language.
  • Having a work-life blend means being able to have the choice as to when to get work done and when to engage in more personal things.
  • Culture is the sum of your people decisions. Tristan shares that the times they’ve had a great culture in The Physio Co is when they’ve made great people decisions and the times when they’ve been tested and challenged the most is when they may not have made the best people decisions.
  • One of the defining factors of a healthy organisation is a high level of trust.

Action Steps:

  • Build the culture in your business by knowing your core purpose
  • Setting your core values
  • Having a clear vision as to where your business is headed
  • Be the most trustworthy person that you can be
  • Be a caring person who keeps their word. If you say you can do something, get it done and get it done well. And if you can’t get it done on time, then communicate in advance to let people know that you’ve got a challenge and reset the deadline. And challenge those who aren’t able to keep their own word.

Tristan said:

“As the team has grown and I’ve grown as an individual, as a leader, as a communicator, I understand how I can get the best results and the best culture possible by embracing the people and the contribution that other people can make.”

“I think what we’ve learned is the importance of a really robust, repeatable recruitment process and the importance of  saying ‘No’ to the wrong people to join our team because it’s not just about fast growth, it’s about fast growth with the right people joining us.”

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