Thrive In Five: The Importance of Connection for Wellbeing

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This Week’s Thrive In Five Is About Connection

Connection for wellbeing is the second in a series of Thrive in Fives we’re doing for the month of March, which are all about ways that you can positively affect happiness, positively change your physiology and improve both your mental and physical health. Last week I shared three ways breathwork can benefit you mentally and physically.

This one’s all about connection.

The idea that we can connect to people, places, things, and that can be incredibly energising, but it’s also what makes us profoundly human.

We were hardwired to connect. We are social creatures and a lack of connection can have very detrimental effects on our wellbeing.

So how are ways that you can connect?

Well, I find the most reward from connecting with nature, connecting with animals, connecting with other people but in a meaningful way.
That might be sharing a memory.
It might be sharing a present moment.
It might be doing something to help someone else.
Or just making them feel heard or understood or myself feeling heard or understood.

Connection is a vital part of wellbeing

I would say that connection is something that we definitely evolve into and we get better at it as we get older and more experienced. It is a very vital part of our wellbeing.

So my simple challenge to you all, the takeaway from this, is how can you connect more?

Ask yourself how can I connect more?

Could that be connecting back to an old aspect of yourself that you used to enjoy? Maybe an old hobby or passion or something of that sort?

Is it about reaching out and contacting someone that you haven’t heard from in a while?

What can you do today to connect with another human being or with something that lights you up and warms you up?

Perhaps you want to start a heartfulness practice.

So it’s a big idea, a kind of esoteric idea, but there are some very small, practical, immediate things that you can do.

So please, have a go, see how it makes you feel. As always we’d love to hear about how you’ve implemented this! We are big believers in paying it forward, so if it works for you, tell someone else about it. It may resonate and work for them, or spark an idea they can bring into their lives for better wellbeing.

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