Slivers Of Recovery: Connecting

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It’s the last in our series on how to get slivers of recovery in your day. These little breaks can make a big difference to your perceived stress levels and how you feel at the end of each week. So far, I’ve talked about napping, meditative activity and reading. The last idea – and arguably the best one – is about connecting with other people.

Touching Base

Human connection is an essential part of being alive. In fact, science shows it directly impacts our dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and even endorphin levels (or DOSE as I call it). So, perhaps one of your slivers of recovery could be calling someone that makes you laugh. It could be connecting with someone you love or haven’t spoken to for a while, just to touch base with them. You could walk across the office and chat with a colleague. Or even just smile at someone in the queue when getting lunch. It really is that simple. This sliver of recovery is about disengaging with what you are doing, and re-engaging with another person. Ideally in front of you, but if that isn’t possible you will still get some benefits from a video or phone call. 


In my experience of working with business people performing at high levels, is that it isn’t necessarily that we’re doing too much. However, when we are performing at high-levels all the time, it can lead to problems like chronic stress and burnout. As I say it’s not necessarily that we are always doing too much, it is that we are nearly always under recovered. This is why it’s so important to get in these small opportunities for recovery – like connecting with others – whenever possible. In my book, Cadence, you’ll find many more ideas for how to give your nervous system a break. It’s a short read – around eight and a half thousand words – about how to apply the Cadence Approach to your life, including looking ahead at what’s coming up, preparing for that event, getting it done, and getting in those crucial slivers of recovery. This gives us longevity to get things done, and the ability to stay happy, healthy, vibrant and resilient. 

Just bringing tiny slivers of recovery into your days, weeks, months, years, will have many benefits. I hope this series has provided some ideas about what these might be for you. Be sure to tag me in any posts on social media links below – I love to see your recovery journeys.




Wellbeing Resources

If you frequently sit or stand at a desk for most of the day, check out our free Posture Guide For Desk Workers. This will help to ensure your workstation is set up correctly. It also includes some easy-to-follow tips and advice on being active, staying healthy, avoiding any musculoskeletal issues.

Using our model of the Cadence Approach™, we’ve created an interactive infographic for you to share with your teams to promote good health and wellbeing. Access online or download the PDF for practical tips on sleep, gut health, the nervous system, fitness, energy, recovery, supplementation and hormetic stress.

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