Connecting Mind, Body and Wellbeing Using Animal Flow

Mike Fitch an Animal Flow instructor,

What is Animal Flow? How does this type of exercise benefit your health and wellbeing? Movement coach Mike Fitch talks about this exciting and innovative form of exercise.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What made Mike change the type of exercise he was doing
  • What is Animal Flow and how you can benefit from it
  • Animal Flow’s business model
  • Creating Animal Flow onDemand

Key Takeaways:

  • The most advanced piece of machinery that we have is our body. There is so much we can do with it; it’s extraordinary.
  • Depending on how we use our body, how we position it in space, we can increase the percentage of body load that we’re using, we can change the lever to make a movement harder.
  • Animal Flow is a ground-based movement program that’s designed to reconnect your body to itself through the floor.
  • Animal flow is going back to the basics, going back to replicating animal movement patterns, and you can do it anywhere.
  • With Animal Flow you don’t need a lot of equipment, you don’t have to be in a gym, you don’t need access to a personal trainer, you just need to learn it.

Action Steps:

  • Think of longevity and train to last.
  • Take ownership of your body and see what you can do with it.

Mike said:

“It’s empowering to me to think that you don’t need anything else and YOU are the best piece of equipment.”

“There’s something to be said about taking ownership of your body and taking ownership of your system and how it works and how it moves…”

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