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Our philosophy is healthy bodies mean healthy minds and everything in health is interconnected.

Our award-winning health and fitness coaching packages are personalised delivered using our unique Six Signals® Methodology and the latest science and technology, including DNA, microbiome and blood testing, and innovative wearable tech. The fitness coaching is delivered by one of our experienced health coaches, and sessions are online to fit in with your busy schedule.

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The Problems

Are you anxious that your current lifestyle might be selling off your future? Are you fed up with the one-size-fits-all approach to health and fitness? Maybe you used to have more time to spend on your health and fitness or had a personal trainer, but the convergent pressures of work and home life have squeezed the bandwidth you have for your health and wellbeing.

You might be noticing red flags going up in relation to your sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, digestion or fitness – and feel run-down, stressed out or even on the way to burnout.

Six Signals® of Health

Our Methology

Bodyshot have identified six main areas where we see clients having issues. We call these areas the Six Signals® because they are strong indicators of how healthy you are. The Six Signals® are sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, digestion and fitness. Each signal impacts on the others in what we call an interconnected health model. It’s important to have a good understanding of each signal and what it means for your health and longevity.

Do you have health red flags?

The Warning Signs

You may have a red flag going up in one or more of these six areas, or perhaps all of them:

For example:

  • A sleep signal is waking early and being unable to go to sleep
  • A mental health signal is anxiety, chronic stress or burnout
  • An energy signal is fluctuating energy levels or being unable to energise yourself for certain activities or when at home with your family
  • A body composition signal is rapid weight gain, metabolic issues or difficulties absorbing nutrients from food
  • A digestion signal is acid reflux or loose stools
  • A fitness signal is sudden loss of fitness, mobility issues or unexplained aches and pains

How to Achieve Optimal Health

Step by Step


What you eat will have a profound impact on every aspect of your health. Eating a diet that is personal to you is so important for sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, digestion and fitness. Eating a diet based on your unique DNA will enable you to optimise your health, fitness and wellbeing, and nourish your mind.


Hormones, vitamins and minerals

Using a simple, painless home blood kit, we test for over 15 markers including cholesterol, iron, vitamin D3, HbA1C (diabetes), liver performance, thyroid, testosterone and vitamin B12. We can quickly address these issues by testing to see if levels are out of range and supplementing where required.

Hormones, vitamins and minerals

Gut health issues

A lack of microbial diversity in the gut has been linked with depression, mood disorders, autoimmune conditions such as eczema and asthma and even autism. The Brain | Body | Reboot Programs include a microbiome test with an app that tells you exactly which foods to include in your diet and which to avoid.

Gut health issues


Often, it’s not a lack of exercise or movement that hinders someone’s health and fitness; it’s a lack of recovery. The gains (physiological adaptations) we get from exercise come in the recovery periods, aided by hydration, nutrition and sleep. It’s hard to pick up on the signals the body sends us sometimes, and we’ve become good at ignoring them. The Oura ring tracks your sleep and activity data and gives you a readiness score so you can understand how recovered you are and how to pace your day.


Mind and Body

Looking at the mind and body in a holistic way. This means focusing on how each component of health interrelates with the other. Our unique Six Signals® Methodology looks at sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, digestion and fitness so we can understand exactly what’s going on.

Mind and Body

Support and Accountability

The final thing is having someone by your side to provide support, accountability, fresh ideas and expertise. Bodyshot Coaches have a unique blend of skills and experience which differentiate us from other coaches and coaching companies.

Support and Accountability

We have several qualifications in exercise and nutrition, and are continually learning, whether that’s through courses, training days, reading, reviewing research or learning from our network.

We make it our business to be up-to-date with the latest science and technology as it relates to health, fitness and wellbeing.

We have a huge amount of relevant personal experience which informs what we do and how we help solve our client’s problems.

We are biohackers, which means we know how to use science, technology and nature to improve your physiology. Our understanding of this means we can often find solutions faster and in a more innovative way.

Since I began the Brain | Body | Reboot Program with Bodyshot I’ve lost a total of 30 kilos and I lost all that weight within a year. I have no knee pain at all now. I have no back pain in the way that I had before. I feel happy, awake and energised.

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