Six Signals® Health MOT
Health Coaching Program for Leaders

Your leaders are the engine of your business and their state of health could determine the health of your business. Our Six Signals® Health MOT is a 3-month coaching program for leaders who want to execute on their business goals and further their ambitions without sacrificing their health today or in the future.

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What is the Six Signals® Health MOT?

These are not your usual workshops: we use a blend of science and technology to empower participants to take ownership of their health with actionable insights that can be implemented straight away. There are four workshops: Sleep, Mental Health, Energy and Health Optimisation.

The Problems


An oft-cited study found that a person who sleeps 4 to 5 hours a night performs tasks like someone who is legally drunk. Most leaders are sacrificing sleep in order to be competitive, but a lack of sleep profoundly affects their decision-making ability and cognitive performance.

Mental Health

According to research by Advanced, one in five leaders have admitted to feeling under pressure all the time, and 65% have said they either don’t switch off or struggle to switch off. Almost half (48%) blamed lack of time as a key source of their work pressure.


Closely connected with sleep and mental health, many leaders start to suffer from a lack of energy which affects their ability to make decisions and lead their teams effectively. According to the most recent report by Theresa Welbourne, founder of eePulse, 82% of business leaders aren’t working at their optimal energy level.


The body sends out health warnings, but we’ve become very used to ignoring them. Some red flags around health are easy to detect but many are not, and we need data or technology to help us surface those signals.


The convergent pressures of work and home may have squeezed out the bandwidth a busy senior leader has for their health and wellbeing and certainly time will be a very valuable asset. Most leaders do not have the time to research, prioritise and execute on their health and wellbeing. 

How Does it Work?

Keeping the heart of your business healthy

Your leaders are the engine of your business and their state of health could determine the health of your business. The 3-month Health MOT includes a DNA test for optimal diet and fitness, a custom blood panel to test for key health markers, a device to track stress responses and fortnightly coaching with our team of experts. The data takes away the guesswork from your health and provides personalised, actionable insights backed up by our expertise

Leanne worked with us to build awareness of wellbeing within our firm through sessions with our senior leaders and other selected colleagues, and also undertook some consultancy work to help create a wellbeing strategy. Leanne’s passion and knowledge of her specialist subject matter is highly impressive and she brings a refreshing perspective developed through a high level of research and personal experience. I would recommend Leanne to any organisation looking to make a step change in their approach to their people’s happiness and effectiveness at work.

Tom Emery

Group HR Director at Brooks Macdonald

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