Blood Testing: Zombie Awareness Month

Blood testing for Zombie Awareness Month: how blood tests can help you to stop walking around like a zombie by Leanne Spencer at Bodyshot Performance

This Week’s Thrive In Five Is About Blood Testing

May is Zombie Awareness Month – and we’re running with it! For part one I talked about sleep, and this week is about blood testing. If you feel like you’re wandering around like a zombie throughout the day, you may just want to test your blood – and potentially your hormones, too!

Tracking Biomarkers

Tiredness and lack of motivation can be signs of an underlying health issue. Doctors often use blood tests to rule out any physical causes for these symptoms. These causes include anaemia, vitamin deficiencies, immune problems, and problems with organ function. Through analysis of what are known as biomarkers, blood tests can identify both normal and abnormal processes within the body. For example, you can monitor risk of cardiovascular disease using cholesterol as a biomarker.

Hormone Levels

There are also tests to check hormone levels, which is something I’m having to do a lot being perimenopausal. I recently took the DUTCH Test, which told me that my testosterone levels were low. Tests such as these allow us to keep track of our levels, so that we can work towards optimising them for the rigours of daily life. We might take supplements, for example, or engage in more hormone-boosting activities! If you think you’re in the perimenopause stage, go to your GP as a first pass.

Blood Testing At Home

In addition, every six months I test for iron, cholesterol, and vitamin D3 status, all of which are fundamental biomarkers that have a strong bearing on energy levels and mood. Direct to customer services like FORTH and Thriva offer a range of home health tests based on what you’re looking to find out. Also available are Well Woman or Well Man testing kits, or you can visit your GP and request one there.

In conclusion, hormone and blood testing are a great way to improve your health by tracking your biomarkers. So, if you’re feeling like a zombie, check to see if your body is working as it should be and find out what you can do to help.

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