How Being a Bear Grylls Instructor Has Helped with My Wellbeing

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Have you ever thought of joining the Bear Grylls Survival Academy?

Listen in as I share how I’ve benefited from being an instructor in a the Bear Grylls survival course.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

My Bear Grylls “Survive the  Highlands” experience

The survival skills that I learned in the course

The benefits of getting into your discomfort zone

Key Takeaways:

The benefits of learning about survival and interacting with nature:

You become more resourceful.

You become more creative in terms of finding solutions.

You become more enthusiastic about living minimally.

You develop more confidence and build resilience.

You understand more the importance of planning for every single eventuality.

The fundamental human needs are meaningful work, meaningful purpose, meaningful values, and connection to nature and animals.

Action Steps:

Get into your discomfort zone.

Find out more about survival and learn how to interact with nature.

Leanne said:

“My values are to live truthfully, to live considerately, and suck the marrow out of life.”

“These skills, like getting resourceful, being creative, thinking minimally, planning, having confidence, and building resilience… are attributes that we’re definitely going to need in spades as we move into the next phase of recovery and possibly backward into lockdown.”

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