We’ve decided to change the format slightly of our Thrive in Five emails. We’ve taken a bit of a break with our podcasts and will be bringing you more regular content on our social media channels.

Each week I’m going to share a message about something I think can help you and an idea that you might be able to think about that really reflects today’s challenges.

This week is based on a concept that my business partner Antonia has been talking to me about… Absorb and redirect.

It’s an idea that comes from Kung Fu, which is a very old traditional Eastern or Chinese form of martial arts. The idea of absorb and redirect is a way that you can channel energy and I think it’s really interesting and relevant for today. We’ve got a lot of negativity swirling around, but we also have the opportunity to create and take advantage of a great deal of positivity.

The idea of absorbing and redirecting

You absorb the energy that’s coming at you, both positive and negative, and then you redirect it. Think about everything that’s coming your way.
What can you do to absorb it? Don’t get too embroiled or too involved in it, then redirect it into something really positive.

An example could be helping others. There’s been about three quarters of a million people who have offered to help the NHS – Antonio and I are two of them. You could look at helping your local community and there’s a lot you can do to help yourself.

Another example of how you can absorb and redirect that energy could be by looking at your outgoings and consolidating those things more. There are many different ways that we can redirect our energy in a really positive way. I hope that idea makes sense to you.

Someone else described it to me as, “Take the gifts.” You know, sometimes you’ll think, “I don’t want that,” and, “Yeah, I’ll definitely take that.” But it’s all a gift in some way and you may not be ready to hear that right now, but at some point you will be.

Take those gifts, absorb that energy that’s coming in and think about how you can positively redirect it. For some of you, you’ll be ready to action this. Others, you’ll thinking, “I’m going to have to think about this one because I’m not in the right head space.” That’s fine. You can come back and watch this video again at any point.

Lastly, let us know your feedback on these ideas I bring you every week – do they make sense to you? Does it resonate? And share it if you think someone else could really benefit from hearing this.

Feel free to drop me an email at leanne@bodyshotperformance.com with any content suggestions or things you’d really like us to talk about.

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