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Slivers Of Recovery: Connecting

It’s the last in our series on how to get slivers of recovery in your day. These little breaks can make a big difference to your perceived stress levels and how you feel at the end of each week. So far, I’ve talked about napping, meditative activity and reading. The …

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Slivers Of Recovery: Meditate or do something Meditative

It’s part two in our series on slivers of recovery: small opportunities to give your nervous system a break. If you’d like a bit more of an introduction, you can read last week’s post here, it was all about napping! These small opportunities can really help to improve your wellbeing, …

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Taking Breaks: Advocating Recovery in the Workplace

It’s the last part of our series encouraging you to think about what we, as human beings, need to thrive in an office environment. And this applies to both remote working arrangements, and the collective office. So far, we’ve discussed natural light, movement, and meeting culture. This week, I want …

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Thrive In Five: Recovery

This week’s thrive in five is all about recovery This is week two in our series of Thrive in Fives. Last week we talked about what is the Cadence Approach and what’s the idea behind it. So if you haven’t watched that video, jump back a week. This week we …

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Recovery Signal Balance Your Nervous System Tools and techniques that enable your nervous system to recover, build resilience and maintain good energy levels. What is Recovery? Recovery is anything that promotes the parasympathetic nervous system. It can range from what I call slivers of recovery such as daydreaming for a …

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Small changes can make a big difference: man drinking from water bottle. Bodyshot Performance

Small Changes for Health Ownership

Welcome to part three in our series about health ownership. For part one, I shared some tips for getting started on this journey, and part two was all about autonomy. This time, we’re going to be focussing on the small stuff: how even small changes can make a huge difference …

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Mood & Personality Problems: Stress Awareness Month

It’s the last video in our series for Stress Awareness Month. We’ve talked about apathy and anhedonia, a deep sense of fatigue, and finding it hard to shut off. Tip number four is about mood and personality problems, and how they can indicate stress. Examples of Mood and Personality Problems …

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