Thrive In Five: 4 Move Combo Movement Snack

four move combo man doing press up

This Week’s Thrive In Five Is Part Of Our Movement Snaking Month Today We’re Showing You a Four Move Combo

This month we’re challenging you to a month of movement snacking and we’re sharing different movement snacking ideas over month.

Welcome to this week’s movement snack. So this week is a little bit of an active one. You get four exercises bundled into one. We’re going to do this every couple of hours here at Bodyshot HQ.

It’s a pretty physical one, so we know you’re going to like it.

It’s a burpee, into a squat, into a walk down press up, into a star jump. Now you can do this on the spot, but Leanne moves slightly just so you can see what she’s doing in the demo video above.

  1. Burpee – Jump back and forward little jump in the air
  2. Squat
  3. Walk down push up
  4. Star jump

So burpee, squat, walk down push up, star jump.

To recap why we’re challenging you to a month of movement snacking – a question we get asked all the time is how can I get more energy and how can I get more movement into my day. So this month we’re giving you some energisers to do, some simple exercises that you can adopt in under five minutes, they’re super-fast so you can put it in at any time of your day.

We’ve talked about movement snacking a lot but in short, a movement snack is a little pocket of movement, just a minute or two of movement every hour. 

Good luck.

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